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April 05 2014


Australian Shark Attack Death Was Rare Occurrence - Csmonitor.com

<img src='http://www.csmonitor.com/var/ezflow_site/storage/images/media/content/2014/0403-armstrong/18293002-1-eng-US/0403-armstrong_full_380.png' width='200px' style='float:left;padding:5px' /> http://lacyiphz.deviantart.com The swimmers did not see theattack, but a witness onshore did. Edmunds said the species of thesharkwas unknown. The Tathra Wharf to Waves a swim off a rocky coastline from the wharf to the beach and back again is an annual event that attracts hundreds of swimmers each summer. Local council general manager Leanne Barnes said locals meet at the beach every morning to swim out to the wharf and back. "It's a beautiful little coastal village and this is one of those sad things that can happen," Barnes said. Armstrong's family said in a statement that she had been swimming at the beach for 14 years and had been a trainer at the local volunteer lifeguard club. "Swimming brought her much joy and many friends," the statement said. "She will be sadly missed by all who loved her, especially by Rob, her husband of 44 years." Police said a helicopter and boat were http://bethaniekr.newsvine.com used to search for Armstrong's remains. <br>More: <a href='http://www.csmonitor.com/World/Latest-News-Wires/2014/0403/Australia-shark-attack-death-was-rare-occurrence' >http://www.csmonitor.com/World/Latest-News-Wires/2014/0403/Australia-shark-attack-death-was-rare-occurrence</a>


Leonardo Dicaprio Is Joined By Girlfriend Toni Garrn At The Vanity Fair Bash After Taking His Mother As His Date To Oscars

Going in style: While Leonardo DiCaprio took his mother as his date he was spotted at the Vanity Fair party with Toni Garrn on Sunday night The pair were seen enjoying a break at luxury ski resort Courchevel in France two weekends ago, and appeared to be very loved up. Date with mum: The .. [read more] 39-year-old brought his mother Irmelin Indenbirken to both the Oscars and the after party Smouldering: The Wolf Of Wall Street star looked sharp in a tuxedo for the big night Meanwhile, celebrity blog Leo has found himself the defendant for producing the 2013 film Out Of The Furnance - purportedly based on the Ramapo Mountain people of New Jersey - with members of the community saying they were wrongly portrayed as violent, drug-using 'inbreds' and 'hillbillies' and that the movie has caused them emotional distress. According to court documents obtained by RadarOnline , eight members of the Ramapo Mountain community filed a defamation lawsuit in early January over the film, which starred Casey Affleck, Christian Bale and Woody Harrelson. The film is about two hard-up brothers - Bale and Affleck - in Rust Belt this link Pennsylvania, with Affleck's character getting messed up with one of the most ruthless crime rings in the Northeast. Dating for months: The model is said to have been dating the actor since last year The suit specifically refers to Woody Harrelson's psycopathic characer, Harlen DeGroat, the 'Ramapo ringleader' who deals hard drugs and is 'the most awful human being walking'. Documents says the movie uses characters with standard Ramapo surnames - such as a DeGroat, Van Dunk and Mann - with seven go to website of the eight plaintiffs in the lawsuit carrying such names.
Full story: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-2572356/Leonardo-DiCaprio-joined-girlfriend-Toni-Garrn-Vanity-Fair-bash-taking-mother-date-Oscars.html

March 21 2014


Japan's Home Away From Home

Japan The doors were beginning to open back then and we managed to really take the game forward across the whole country. Zico s contribution did not end there, as he went on to explain: The only reason I took over as Japan s national team coach (from fitness 2002 to 2006) was to do it for them, for the people. The Japanese have always been so grateful to me that I couldnt say no. The everyday cultural experiences I enjoyed off the pitch made me feel right at home there. I couldnt have started my coaching career in any better way. Its definitely going to motivate the boys even more, though theyll also have responsibilities too. Its a bit like being at home. Alberto Zaccheroni, Japan coach. Blending in Though the connection between the people of Japan and Brazil has been a happy and productive one, cultural and footballing differences have occasionally hampered mutual understanding. It is difficult to know who had it harder: the Brazilian pioneers such as Ruy Ramos , who set about raising standards in a Japanese game that was read here all but amateur in name, or young Japanese hopefuls like Kazuyoshi Miura, who sought to make their name in a country where talented footballers are hardly in short supply. Born in Shizuoka, Miura joined the youth ranks of Sao Paulo outfit Juventus as a 15-year-old in 1982, and went on to fulfil his dream of turning professional and playing at the highest level with a club of the calibre of Santos.
More: http://www.fifa.com/worldcup/news/newsid=2064466/index.html

March 06 2014


Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti Uses Spanish Skills To Curry Favor In Mexico

mayor with Mexican roots click his paternal grandfather was from Mexico and an Italian last name. "Yesterday I think I did 15 individual interviews" in Spanish, Garcetti told the Los Angeles Times . "At the end of the day, your head kind of hurts. But the next day, you're speaking it again, and it hurts a little less." Garcetti continued to put his Spanish to the test during a closed-door meeting with Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto himself criticized for speaking limited English and during a news conference at the Industrial Club of Mexico, where he spoke fluently but with a few mistakes. Garcetti's Spanish "is pretty good, it's pretty fluid," Isaac Ajzen, a reporter for diariojudio.com, a website for Mexico's Jewish community said. "Obviously, he's lacking a few words." While Garcettis mispronunciations and vocabulary screw-ups would be the cause of mockery and scolding if he was given a check it out press conference in Spain or France, Mexicans tend to be a little more forgiving and appreciate that any U.S. leader is making the effort. "There's no gotcha involved here," Gil Cedillo, an L.A.
More: http://latino.foxnews.com/latino/news/2014/03/05/los-angeles-mayor-eric-garcetti-uses-spanish-skills-to-curry-favor-in-mexico/

March 05 2014


New Zealand Energy Production And Operational Update

Messenger Formation in April 2014 Toko-2B: ESP installation targeted for March 2014, with a production increase anticipated in April 2014 NZEC and L&M Energy applied to New Zealand Petroleum & Minerals and were granted an extension to drill the Alton Permit Horoi commitment well by June 22, 2014. Management Changes Further to NZEC's commitment to reduce costs, two of NZEC's senior executives, Bruce McIntyre site web and Ian Brown, have taken early retirement from their paid employment positions. Bruce McIntyre will remain on the Board of Directors and Ian Brown will act as an advisor to NZEC. "On behalf of the Board of Directors and NZEC employees, I thank Bruce and Ian for their significant contributions to NZEC," said John Proust, Chief Executive Officer and Director of NZEC. "They remain committed to the other Company's success and I look forward to their continued input. To view Table 1 - NZEC's Production & Development Wells, please visit the following link: http://media3.marketwire.com/docs/931145_TABLE_1.pdf . On behalf of the Board of Directors John Proust, Chief Executive Officer & Director About New Zealand Energy Corp. NZEC is an oil and natural gas company engaged in visit site the production, development and exploration of petroleum and natural gas assets in New Zealand.
More: http://finance.yahoo.com/news/zealand-energy-production-operational-121737632.html

February 18 2014


Australia Seeks To Draw India Into Tighter Embrace With Nuclear Deal

Both Bishop and Robb were critical of the Kevin Rudd-led Labour government for overturning Liberal homepage predecessor John Howard's decision to supply uranium to India. "The Howard government, in which I was a minister, had signed off on it. Unfortunately, the next government had a different policy," Robb said. "I think it will provide a great opportunity for peaceful power generation. We have 40% of the go here world's uranium deposits and have a great willingness http://gastonldde.soup.io to ensure that it is made available to India." Peter Varghese, secretary for foreign affairs and trade, made the same point, albeit with the nuanced cautiousness of a career diplomat, when he said, "I think we'll get an agreement on uranium supplies. The Abbott government is very supportive of it. We are very optimistic." Rudd, who was considered an 'Asianist' (and was perhaps best known in the world of foreign policy for his knowledge of Mandarin), said no to uranium supplies to India primarily on the grounds that it is not a signatory to the Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT).
More: http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/india/Australia-seeks-to-draw-India-into-tighter-embrace-with-nuclear-deal/articleshow/30540428.cms


California Considers A Warning Label On Sugary Drinks

adults and nearly 17 percent of children between the ages of 2 and 19 are obese, according to Kim Kardashian the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Calories vs. nutrition Efforts to curtail consumption of sugary drinks through taxes and other efforts have met fierce resistance from the U.S. Kim Kardashian food and beverage industry, which came out against the California labeling bill on Feb. 13. It is misleading to suggest that soft drink consumption is uniquely responsible for weight gain. In fact, only 4.0 percent of calories in the average American diet are derived directly from soda, CalBev, the California arm of the American Beverage Association, said in a statement. Foods other than soda do account for most of the overall go here calories Americans ingest.
More: http://www.sacbee.com/2014/02/17/6165213/california-considers-a-warning.html

February 17 2014


Lady Gaga Bitten By Wild Creature On ?g.u.y.? Video Shoot

She just laughed about it, the insider said. She was a good sport. Lets hope she got a shot check this out or something to make sure nothing comes review of the bite, no matter how mini. Ma Monster also donated $250,000 to the Hearst Castle Preservation Foundation. She requested to make use of the goat, but was turned down. Now, about the set. The video was shot over three days at San Simeon, a castle built in California by William Randolph Hearst. Her parents were there, link as were synchronized swimmers and the cast of TRHOBH. It was the first time the castle has been used in a commercial situation since 1960. Ma Monster made use of the outdoor Neptune Pool and the indoor Roman Pool. Sounds like we are in for an opulent video treat.
Full story: http://popcrush.com/lady-gaga-bitten-wild-creature-g-u-y-video-shoot/?trackback=fbshare_top

February 10 2014


The Awful Truth About Mutual Fund And Hedge Fund Managers' Performance

The purpose of this analysis is not to say one fund outperforms the other based on how the manager invests, but to show you how fees and commission charged can affect your overall total return. Each fund has an initial investment of $20,000, the same 10-year time frame and each has an assumed annual return of 7%. (click to enlarge) All things being equal, you can see how lower fees can make a huge difference in your overall return and you should be aware of what your advisor is selling you. Lastly, some mutual funds are wrapped inside variable annuities and another layer of fees called a mortality and expense risk charge in the range of 1.25% per year of your account value, or $125 on a $10,000 investment. This fee takes care of insurance costs because the annuity is actually an visit the site insurance read more... product, and also the commission paid to the broker who sold it to you since most of these variable annuities are no-load. Another word of caution with variable annuities is the liquidation penalty that can run quite high, typically 5% to 10%, if you need your money within the first 5 to 10 years. Also, the penalties for withdrawing your money before age 59 1/2 are 10%, but http://craigouuv.busythumbs.com these annuities are tax-deferred. Unlike investing in mutual funds, however, your growth is not taxed as a capital gain, but rather as ordinary income.
More: http://seekingalpha.com/article/2008311-the-awful-truth-about-mutual-fund-and-hedge-fund-managers-performance

February 09 2014


Canadian Forces Training Exercise Descends On Rankin Inlet

Exercise Trillium Response The 4th Canadian Division/Joint Task Force Central and the 31 Canadian Brigade Group from Ontario will be honing their winter warfare and cold weather survival skills over the course of 10 days. A small group landed in Rankin Inlet Saturday to set sites up camp and prepare for the soldiers' arrival. The remainder of the soldiers will arrive on Feb. 15. Members of the Arctic Response Company Group train during Exercise Frigid Forrester in Borden, Ont. on Feb. 1, 2014, in preparation for Exercise Trillium Response 14 which will take place in Nunavut later this month. (Master Cpl. Dan Pop/Canadian Army Public Affairs) According to the visit our website Canadian Forces, the exercise is geared mainly toward the groups this link Arctic Company Response Group and Domestic Response company.
Full story: http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/north/canadian-forces-training-exercise-descends-on-rankin-inlet-1.2529450


Muscle-building Tips

However, muscle building it is important to understand that the muscles around your waist respond to weight training in much the same way that all other muscles do: by growing. So while it isnt necessary to avoid certain exercises completely, train with the caveat that you should avoid rotational exercises with either a heavy weight or high volume. The goal, overall, is to develop a waist-to-shoulder ratio of about 1.618 the Golden Ratio. Now, as for strong, well-developed calves, these are not easy to come by. Calves are a notoriously stubborn body part to grow, so I recommend training them multiple times per week. Work your calves first in your session, not last.
Full story: http://www.askmen.com/sports/bodybuilding_900/969_muscle-building-tips.html

February 02 2014


8 Things To Be Prepared For When Starting A Blog

8 Things To Be Prepared For When Starting A Blog image Fotolia 53709121 XS 3. Blog Domain Choosing a host can homepage be a daunting task. Blog hosting websites are competitive and about as easy to find as a Starbucks, but sometimes, too many options can be overwhelming. I suggest checking the blogs you frequent yourself. Are they hosted on WordPress, or Blogger with convenient external link ease of navigation, or are they hosted on their own private http://bgm.me/r/4844746 domain and a bit more customized? Can you connect that blog to your companys website so the posts contribute to your SEO?
More: http://smallbusiness.yahoo.com/advisor/8-things-prepared-starting-blog-173045761.html

February 01 2014


Kevin Jonas To Rent Out New Jersey Home During Super Bowl

Live on December 1, 2012 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Christopher Polk/Getty Images for Clear Channel) Jonas Brothers Surprise Inner City School - Launch We Day Minnesota MINNEAPOLIS, MN - FEBRUARY 06: (L-R) Joe Jonas, Kevin Jonas and Nick Jonas http://www.kiwibox.com/luiskyep/blog/entry/112712913/is-i-hit-it-first-a-cry-for-help-a-grief-counselor-assess/?pPage=0 of the musical trio the Jonas Brothers surprise 600 students at Minneapolis Patrick Henry High School to launch 'We Day' on February 6, 2013 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. (Photo by Adam Bettcher/Getty http://filibertoamnr.soup.io/post/386573712/Ontario-Police-Find-Missing-Man-In-Truck Images for Free The Children) KIIS FM's 2012 Jingle Ball - Night 1 - Show LOS ANGELES, CA - DECEMBER 01: (L-R) Musicians Nick Jonas, Joe Jonas, and Kevin Jonas of The Jonas Brothers perform onstage during KIIS FM's 2012 Jingle Ball at Nokia Theatre L.A. Live on December 1, 2012 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Christopher Polk/Getty Images for Clear Channel) KIIS FM's 2012 Jingle Ball - Night 1 - Show LOS ANGELES, CA - DECEMBER 01: Singer Joe Jonas of the Jonas Brothers performs onstage during KIIS FM's 2012 Jingle Ball at Nokia Theatre L.A. Live on December 1, 2012 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Christopher Polk/Getty Images for Clear Channel) KIIS FM's 2012 Jingle Ball - Night 1 - Show LOS ANGELES, CA - DECEMBER 01: Musicians Nick Jonas (L) and Joe Jonas of the Jonas Brothers perform onstage during KIIS FM's 2012 Jingle Ball at Nokia Theatre L.A. Live on December 1, 2012 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Christopher Polk/Getty Images for Clear Channel) KIIS FM's 2012 Jingle Ball - Night 1 - Arrivals LOS ANGELES, CA - DECEMBER 01: (L-R) Musicians Kevin Jonas, Joe Jonas and Nick Jonas of the Jonas Brothers attend KIIS FM's 2012 Jingle Ball at Nokia Theatre L.A.
More: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2014/01/30/kevin-jonas-super-bowl-home_n_4694856.html

January 31 2014


Report: Russia Id's 2 In Connection With Volgograd Bombing

http://nywee76496.livejournal.com/7055.html width='200px' style='float:left;padding:5px' /> The National Anti-Terrorism Committee identified the suspected suicide bombers as Asker Samedov and Suleiman Magomedov. It said they belong to the Buinaksk militant tape group, based in the volatile southern Russian province of Dagestan, according to Ria Novosti. The two accomplices who are detained are brothers, both from Dagestan, and they are held on suspicion of assisting the suicide bombers in traveling to Volgograd, it said. my website The Volgograd twin bombings, which took place in December, killed 34 people and injured many others, heightening concerns about security in Russia before it hosts the Winter Olympics, which open in just over a week. King: Odds for attack in Russia too high Huge security operation The Games are set to begin on February 7 in Sochi, and a huge security operation is under way around the Black Sea resort. Russia is pouring resources into ensuring that the Olympic Games, seen as a flagship project of President Vladimir Putin, go off without problems. A bitter battle for an independent Chechnya, lasting almost two decades, spawned an insurgency that has spilled into neighboring republics in the North Caucasus region, including Dagestan.
Read more: http://www.cnn.com/2014/01/30/world/europe/russia-terror-volgograd/index.html

January 30 2014


France's Quesne Eyes Major Debut After Birdie Blast

Quesne bogeyed his tenth - a par four - but recovered with two more birdies to home move to eight-under before a double bogey at the last left him three shots adrift moved here of McIlroy's 63. "I really enjoyed this one, I hit a lot of very good shots, holed some putts and one bad shot on the last one, but that's golf - I'm not superman," Quesne told Reuters. Quesne is France's No.4 golfer, behind Victor Dubuisson , Gregory Bourdy and Raphael Jacquelin , but the 33-year-old said he was more concerned with improving his overall standing than becoming than becoming his country's number one player. "I'm looking towards the world rankings so I can play a major, which I've never done. It's my goal this year," said Quesne, a late bloomer who only took up golf aged 17 and turned professional six years later. He remained on the challenger circuit for several years, but joined the senior tour in 2010 before an unhappy season led him to lose his card. Quesne bounced back to become a fixture on the European tour from 2012, winning that year's Andalucia Open as well as the 2013 blog Italian Open. He has made a mixed start to 2014, claiming joint-eighth at Durban's Volvo Golf Champions, but trailing in 52nd in Abu Dhabi and 28th in Qatar earlier this month. Dubai, the final leg of the so-called Gulf Swing, has proved more agreeable.
More: http://sports.yahoo.com/news/france-39-quesne-eyes-major-debut-birdie-blast-133244725--golf.html

January 25 2014


Beyonce & Jay Z Top Billboard's Power 100 List

Beyonce & Jaz Zvisit site style='float:left;padding:5px' /> The power couple have each founded their own companies, Roc Nation and Parkwood Entertainment. The rapper's longtime associate, Lyor Cohen, came in at number 74 on the list. He told Billboard: website "Artists have always had the power but great site courage is in short supply. It's just that the hip-hop generation believes in the possibilities. Jay and Beyonce don't listen to the noise - they make the noise." Rounding out the top three are Lucian Grange, president of Universal Music Group, and Tim McGraw and Alicia Keys' manager Coran Capshaw. The power couple will be performing at the Grammy Awards on Sunday night.
Full story: http://www.starpulse.com/news/Noelle_Talmon/2014/01/25/beyonce_jay_z_top_billboards_power_10


Olympic Uniforms Are Made In Usa -- And Don't You Forget It

hockey player Zach Parise with the official uniform for Team USA to be worn at the opening ceremony for the 2014 Winter Olympic games in Sochi, Russia. Photograph by Ralph Lauren/AP Photo Close Close Open U.S. hockey player Zach Parise with the official uniform for Team USA to be worn at the opening ceremony for the 2014 Winter Olympic games in Sochi, Russia. Photograph by Ralph Lauren/AP Photo Team USA unveiled its uniforms for the Winter Olympics opening ceremony, and for the love of stars and resource stripes, theyre hideous. Its no Norwegian curling team , but the Americans uniforms for the games in Sochi, Russia, are loud and proud and scream Made in the USA. The theme of the day is overkill: The cardigans feature an American flag on the left shoulder in addition to stars and red and white stripes spackled all over the body. The website selling the official apparel features the words Made in the USA directly above a review Made in America tab. Designer Ralph Lauren clearly wanted http://www.livejournal.com/update.bml to get that point across after the controversy he faced two years ago when it was revealed that Team USAs ( admittedly dapper ) uniforms were actually made in China. That prompted outrage from fans and politicians, with Congress introducing an act requiring all uniforms going forward to be American-made. Lauren then agreed to stay away from Chinese manufacturing for Olympics apparel.
More: http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2014-01-23/olympic-uniforms-are-made-in-usa-and-don-t-you-forget-it.html

January 24 2014


Does Losing Masahiro Tanaka Mean Dodgers Reached Financial Limit?

Comments 12 Japan's Masahiro Tanaka pitches against the Netherlands in the World Baseball Classic last March in Tokyo. (Toru Takahashi / Associated Press) By Steve Dilbeck January 22, 2014, 12:55 p.m. And then a http://www.savingsdaily.com/post/stocks-end-on-a-high-note-before-christmas bullet did not bounce off the chest. The baseball world did not fall to its feet. Shock and awe and resignation were notably absent. The Dodgers lost Wednesday, lost in a realm they had fairly dominated since new ownership took up residence almost two years ago. The Dodgers were outbid for a player official site they wanted.
More: http://www.latimes.com/sports/dodgersnow/la-sp-dn-dodgers-masahiro-tanaka-20140122,0,7289447.story


Five Answers To Build More Muscle

Five Answers to Build More Muscle Q1:What Testosterone Max Is A Proven Test Booster For Bodybuilders -45% Seponins Make It Twice As Strong is the best way to work out for building more muscle? "As for training, vary up the reps you perform each workout so you have a heavy day (low reps), light day (high reps), and medium day (in between). This approach targets all your muscle fibers and keeps your body adapting." Top Ten Muscle Building Foods>>> Q2:What should I be eating to get big? And how much is enough? "Eat more food than you're currently taking in. Start with one gram of protein per pound of body weight and two grams of carbs per pound. Eat about a 1/2 gram of fat per pound. Your protein should come mainly from lean sources such as chicken and fish and your carbs from rice and potatoes.
Full story: http://www.mensfitness.com/training/build-muscle/five-answers-to-build-more-muscle

January 22 2014


Nintendo?s Next-gen Consoles Are The Fusion Ds And Fusion Terminal, Report Claims

Wii U Deluxe 21, 2014 1:47 pm Its news no secret that Nintendo isnt doing well this generation. For a while now, the companys consoles seem to follow the same path of alternating success to which Microsofts operating systems adhere. The Wii U and, to a lesser extent, the Nintendo 3DS, occupy one of those downswings. The release of the PS4 and Xbox One have also helped usher the Wii U into what looks to be a premature grave, while the rise of mobile gaming on smartphones and tablets havent done the 3DS any favors. Its embarrassingly early, but Nintendos best course of action may be to abandon ship, and focus its efforts on truly next-gen consoles. A report by Nintendo rumor site Nintendo News suggests that the Big N is doing just that, and working on two hardware successors dubbed the Fusion Terminal and Fusion DS. Furthermore, the report comes with a set of very detailed hardware specs. The information comes via one of Nintendo News anonymous sources , which claims that Fusion Terminal and Fusion DS will be the names of the new consoles.
More: Farrah Abraham href='http://www.geek.com/games/nintendos-next-gen-consoles-are-the-fusion-ds-and-fusion-terminal-report-claims-1582668/' rel='nofollow'>http://www.geek.com/games/nintendos-next-gen-consoles-are-the-fusion-ds-and-fusion-terminal-report-claims-1582668/

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